Tiny Silver Bugs in Houseplant Soil



We have all had tiny silver bugs in the soil of our house plants. You can take simple steps to keep them away from your plants.

Go through this article to learn about tiny silver bugs and the ways to get rid of them.

Tiny Silver Bugs are species of the springtails, isopods or thrips. They are not dangerous to people or plants, they do not bite or spread diseases.

Tiny silver bug
Tiny silver bug

Tiny Silver Bugs: What Are They?

They are either springtails, isopods, or thrips. They aren’t very dangerous for your plants, but they can damage the leaves. They do not bite or sting, and they won’t spread diseases that could hurt you and your family.

What are Springtails?

Springtails are small bugs that are less than 1/2-inch long. They are usually silver, grey, or purple in color.

They have furcula, a forked tail that looks like a comb. A hinge at the base lets it fold under the body. Like a spring, it moves the springtail forward in small steps. They are sometimes called “jumping dirt” because of how they move around on the ground.

The bugs on your soil are likely springtails if they jump around in short bursts. Small bugs may look like silver dots crawling on the ground if they are too small.


Ways to Discard Tiny Silver Bugs named Springtails

These tiny silver bugs or Springtails are like moist, decaying things. As many plants need their soil to stay wet, these bugs will be drawn to it. Examine to see if your plants are being harmed by them. 

To remove springtails, you must spray the diatomaceous soil on the surface of the earth to remove them.

Diatomaceous is made up of converted aquatic organisms called diatoms that are ground into very fine powder. The powder is made up of about 80% to 90% silica, and it kills bugs by drying them out or dehydrating them when it comes into contact with them.

Use diatomaceous to get rid of springtails as it works well. It is also safe for humans and pets, is easy to use, and is cheap. A small container can be bought for less than $10. Make sure that you buy a product that has no fillers in it.


Isopods: What are They?

Isopods aren’t insects at all. They are crustaceans that look like crayfish and lobsters. Because they have flattened plates on their bodies that make them look like little armadillos, it’s easy to distinguish them from other bugs.

Their color can be silver, grey, or brown. When you touch them, they often roll into balls. They’re about 1/2-inch long.

Isopods: How to Get Rid of Them?

Isopods are easy to get rid of if you just pick them off with your hands. They’re not dangerous, and when you touch them, they’ll usually just roll into a ball and not hurt you. Make sure they are outside, and you are ready to go!

But what if you have a lot of tiny silver bugs and you cannot get them all by hand?

The next best thing you can do is use diatomaceous earth to cleanse. In the same way that springtails die when they touch diatomaceous earth, the bugs will dry out and die quickly. If you see roly-poly in your plants, try removing them by hand.

You can also use a trap (which will kill them but it works). Inside the pot, put a small container against one of its sides, and then put the lid on. If you like, you can add kombucha or beer to it. No need to buy a large bowl. A small bowl, a can of cat food, or tuna can do it.


What are Thrips?

From 0.02 to 0.25 inches, thrips are small bugs. When you leave a window or door open, these bugs can easily get into your house plants and make them sick. An easy way to distinguish this insect is to look at a large thrip that is usually dark and has a long body. Only baby thrips look silver and small. The adult thrips are black and much bigger, but they are still small.

How to get rid of Thrips?

Spray soap and water on the plant and the soil (2 percent soap). A small part of the plant should get some of the soap and water mixed together first. The plant should be fine after three days. If this doesn’t work, you can use an extra soap mixture on the affected parts of the soap mixture.

You should use a soap mixture every day until the insects are gone. Adding neem oil to the soap and water mixture can make it even more effective at killing bugs. There are other ways to get rid of thrips in case the soap mix hurts your plant.


If you find any kind of tiny silver bugs or pests in the soil of your houseplants, you should quarantine the plant as soon as possible. Move it away from your healthy plants so the pests don’t spread. Take it outside until you are sure the plant is free of pests.

Keep your infested plants away from each other, or you could lose them all.

Always quarantine plants with pests or diseases in your home to avoid further damage to other plants. Hope this article helped you with what was bugging you! 

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