The Worst Breakfast in the World? Croissant Bagels with Yogurt Butter



The origin of this breakfast

In 2003, two New York-based bakers were having a hard time thinking of new breakfast items to sell at their bakery. They made croissant bagels for years, and we’re looking for something new. So one day, they decided to put the butter on top of the dough before rolling it out and baking it. The result was a flaky croissant that tastes like a bagel but looks like a croissant.

This is how the croissant bagel was born!

What about a premade croissant-doughnut?

Croissant doughnuts are a new trend in the world of baking. It is a hybrid of two different types of doughnuts that have recently been on the rise in popularity.

The croissant-doughnut is made with a yeast-raised croissant-style dough and deep-fried to create a light, fluffy pastry. The croissant-doughnut is filled with cream, custard, pastry cream, and powdered sugar.

Are cereal bars worse for you than donuts?

Cereal bars may have a better nutritional profile than donuts, but they are still not as healthy as other breakfast options.

One of the main reasons cereal bars are marketed as better for you than donuts is because they have more fiber and protein. However, this doesn’t make them healthier overall. Cereal bars are higher in sugar and fat, which leads to the carbohydrate crash that people experience after eating one. This can cause people to choose less healthy food later on.

Furthermore, cereal bars have a lower satiety value than other breakfast options such as eggs or oatmeal. This means that people who eat cereal bars for breakfast will likely be hungry again sooner than those who eat eggs or oatmeal.

How to make Croissant Bagels With Yogurt Butter

The croissant bagel is a variation of the American bagel. It is made with croissants, makings it more flaky, buttery, and crispy than a regular bagel. Croissant Bagels With Yogurt Butter are a hearty breakfast that can be eaten on any day. They make for great dips and sandwiches and are perfect for a fulfilling meal.

The following will teach you how to make Croissant Bagels With Yogurt Butter:

-Prepare the dough by mixing flour, yeast, sugar, salt, water, and milk in a large bowl; cover with plastic wrap and let rise for an hour in a warm place

-Roll out the dough into long strips on top of parchment paper

-Brush each strip with a beaten egg

-Cut the strips into triangles, shape them into small or large bagels and let rise for another 30 minutes

-Heat a skillet and add about 1/4 cup of olive oil for each bagel; once it is heated up, fry the croissant bagels on both sides until golden brown on each side

-Brush with garlic butter and serve


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