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Country Clipper mower introduced the first joystick-operated zero-turn mower to the lawn and garden business in 1989, catapulting the company into the zero-turn mower market.

It is the industry leader in making joystick-operated machines after 30 years of perfecting the concept.

It officially introduced the first joystick-equipped ZTR in Spring 1990, originally sold under the Snapper brand name.

While the machine technically resembled normal twin-stick ZTRs of the day, a linkage arrangement allowed a single joystick to control both wheel motors concurrently.

When the joystick was angled diagonally, each wheel motor engaged in the precise proportions necessary to move the mower diagonally. As per the Country Clipper joystick review, when the joystick is shifted to the left side, the mower does a zero-turn. It was straightforward, simply position the joystick in the direction you wish to travel, and the mower would travel in that direction.

The Country Clipper has rapidly expanded its market presence by making joystick zero turn mowers under the brand name Country Clipper. Today, Country Clipper proudly offers 20 versions of joystick-operated machines that have been designed and tested for over 30 years.

Country clipper mowers are a well-known brand that has been in use for decades. With a variety of attachments, this instrument is even more flexible due to its interoperability with other tools.

However, country clipper mower reviews say that like with all mechanical equipment, there are Country Clipper Mower problems that arise when it occasionally fails or malfunctions. Let’s look at what are the problems with a Country Clipper zero turn mower. Listed below are a few Country Clipper Mower problems and what you may do about them.

Country Clipper
Country Clipper

Most Common Country Clipper Mower Problems are Smoke Billowing, Mowing Inconsistently, While Moving, Mower Loses Power, Speed Decreases, Doesn’t Turn Off Until the Spark Plug Is Removed.

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Most Common Country Clipper Mower Problems and Their Solutions

Smoke Billowing from the Country Clipper Mower

While this is one of the most prevalent Country Clipper Mower problems, no one is certain how to repair a burning Country Clipper mower. And no, this is not a warning sign that your Country Clipper is about to blow up.

Typically, this is caused by an overfilled or leaky oil chamber. Oil spilling into the muffler of your mower might cause the engine to smoke when the oil is burned.

In such cases, simply turn off the engine and wait for it to cool completely before checking for leaks in the chamber. Before restarting your Country Clipper mower, double-check that the cap is securely fastened.

A smoldering Country Clipper is seldom indicative of a major problem. However, if it is already impairing your mower’s function, it is preferable to visit a mower repair specialist.

Mowing Inconsistently

Uneven mowing is frequently the result of one of two factors:

  • Blades that are dull: To ensure proper operation of your Country Clipper mower, the blades beneath must be similarly sharp. You could use a metal file to sharpen your blades, take them to the Country Clipper mower shop, or replace them completely when they are very old.
  • Unbalanced accumulation of grass, leaves, and other debris: Grass, leaves, and other debris may have accumulated on one side of your mower. These should be cleaned and emptied as necessary.

While Moving, Country Clipper Mower Loses Power

At some point, practically every Country Clipper owner will be pushing the mower along when the motor sputters to a halt.

A clogged filter is one of the most typical causes of Country Clipper Mower problems. Determine the location of the filter by consulting the owner’s handbook. Remove and clean the filter. If the filter is really dirty, it may need to be replaced. This is one of the simplest mower components to replace.

If the filter is not the source of the problem, compare the height of the grass to the cutting height preset on the mower. Adjust the cutting height accordingly if the grass is tall.

Cleaning the blade is another approach to resolve Country Clipper mower power difficulties. Check the owner’s manual and clean the mower blade according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If this does not resolve the issue, change the spark plug. Many folks can fix their mowers easily by cleaning or changing the spark plug. Spark plugs are another part of an inexpensive mower available online or in home improvement stores.

Country Clipper Mower’s Speed Decreases

When your Country Clipper slows significantly, the most common cause is a dislocated or broken drive belt. This component is housed within the motor casing. Verify the location by consulting the owner’s handbook. Inspect the drive belt when the mower is switched off. Reattach the belt if it is loose but not damaged. If the belt becomes broken, replacements are typically readily available online from a Country Clipper mower parts website. A replacement belt should resolve this sort of Country Clipper mower issue. Check the battery if the mower is powered by batteries. Certain batteries may create this issue if they fail, however it is uncommon for mower batteries to cause a mower’s speed to decrease.

Country Clipper Mower Doesn’t Turn Off Until the Spark Plug Is Removed

While a Country Clipper mower that refuses to start is inconvenient, one that refuses to turn off might be equally so. This is one of the frustrating Country Clipper Mower problems that is frequently caused by two components.

To begin, check for a disconnected ground wire. Second, examine the connection to the heating system, which may have stopped working due to wear and regular use.

Begin by examining your ground wire. Ascertain if it is intact and related to the location to which it “grounds.”

If your ground wire is in good condition, unplug the ignition switch and check with an ohmmeter whether the connection between terminals “B” and “S” is working. If it is not, replace the ignition switch; your Country Clipper should then operate smoothly.

Taking Care of Country Clipper Mower
Taking Care of Country Clipper Mower

Taking Care of Country Clipper Mower

  • Establish a Routine for Country Clipper Mower Maintenance

Developing a routine of annual mower maintenance enables you to keep your equipment in excellent shape. Before planning to store your Country Clipper mower for the winter, check the oil, remove the fuel, change the spark plug and air filter, sharpen and adjust the blades, and you may overhaul the engine. These will help you to avoid Country Clipper mower problems.

Each time you operate your Country Clipper mower, you should inspect the tyres and clean the mower deck afterward. Include these maintenance activities in your seasonal garden maintenance plan to avoid overlooking them.

  • Replace the Spark Plug

Remove the spark plug before doing Country Clipper mower repair. This safeguards your safety by preventing the Country Clipper from starting accidentally.

Spark plugs are critical to the engine’s operation, but fortunately, they are also affordable. Additionally, they are easily changed. Just easily remove the old spark plug using a tool and replace it with a new one. Just remember not to overtighten it to avoid any issues with the mower starts.

  • Oil Change

While changing the oil in your mower is not always necessary unless it shows indications of contamination or is too old and sticky, it is a good practice to keep it in stock. At the conclusion of each season and before storing the mower for the winter, remove the drain cap beneath the mower’s oil tank to enable the oil to drain.

If your Country Clipper mower lacks drain plugs; in this situation, you must turn the mower over and allow the oil to drain through the fill hole.

After emptying the oil tank, reposition the Country Clipper mower or replace the drain cap. After that, you may refill the tank with the proper sort of oil. Consult your owner’s handbook if you’re unclear about the recommended oil change interval for your machine to permanently resolve Country Clipper mower problems.


Although the Country Clipper mower is an excellent lawnmower, it can cause problems. Some of these problems are mentioned above along with the Country Clipper troubleshooting methods.

Despite these problems, the Country Clipper mower is still the top choice for the lawnmower. It is durable and easy to use.

If you experience any of the above Country Clipper Mower problems, try to resolve them by using these Country Clipper troubleshootings or in case of any issues do not hesitate to contact customer service.


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