5 Reasons Why is My Cucumber Plant Turning Yellow



If you notice that your cucumber plant is turning yellow, it could be due to several reasons. Here are five possible causes:

1. Lack of water

If your cucumber plant is not getting enough water, the leaves will start to turn yellow. Make sure to water your cucumbers regularly, especially during hot weather.

How often water the cucumber?

The cucumber should be watered every day, and the soil should be kept moist but not soggy.

2. Over-fertilization

If you’ve applied too much fertilizer to your cucumber plants, it can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Be careful not to over-fertilize, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How much fertilizer is for the Cucumber plant?

The cucumber plant needs about 1/2 pound of fertilizer for every 100 square feet of garden space.

3. Disease or pests

Certain diseases and pests can cause cucumber plants to turn yellow. If you suspect that your plant is affected, take a sample to your local garden center or Cooperative Extension office for identification and treatment recommendations.

How do avoid diseases and pests for the cucumber plant?

There are a few things you can do to help avoid cucumber diseases and pests:

– water early in the day so the leaves have time to dry before nightfall

– remove diseased or infested plants from the garden

– practice crop rotation

4. Stress

Cucumber plants can also turn yellow due to stress from extreme temperatures, transplant shock, or herbicide injury. If you think stress may be the cause, try giving your cucumbers some extra TLC and see if the leaves start to green up again.

How to avoid stressing about a cucumber plant?

– cucumber plants like warm weather, so make sure they’re not exposed to cold drafts or extreme heat

– cucumbers don’t like to be transplanted, so try to plant them in their final location from the start

– avoid using herbicides near cucumber plants

5. Nutrient deficiency

Yellowing cucumber plants can sometimes signify a nutrient deficiency, such as nitrogen or magnesium. You can have your soil tested to check for nutrient deficiencies and then amend it accordingly. Adding compost or organic matter to your cucumber bed can also help improve overall soil health.

How to avoid nutrient deficiency for the cucumber plant?

– cucumbers need nitrogen for healthy growth, so make sure they’re getting enough by fertilizing regularly

– adding compost or organic matter to the cucumber bed can help improve overall soil health and provide additional nutrients

– cucumbers also need magnesium, so make sure they’re getting enough by adding Epsom salts to the soil or using a fertilizer that contains magnesium sulfate

If you notice your cucumber plant turning yellow, don’t despair! You can get your cucumbers back on track by troubleshooting the problem and taking corrective action.

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