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SUMMER/Fall Interns needed! Contact edibleplantproject at gmail dot com to inquire. We are 100% volunteer run. No paid positions are available at this time. However, it is a great resume and experience booster.

Help us by volunteering at our Nursery!
We have regular work parties at our nursery where we start new plants, propagate, transplant, weed and tend to existing plants. You’ll learn lots about growing and caring for edible plants and trees in this climate. Those with horticultural interests, experience and expertise are especially welcome. We accept community service volunteers for college and high school.
For every 2 hours of volunteering you’ll receive one tree or plant of your choice![br] [br] Video! Volunteers learn how to pot and transplant plants

Help us by volunteering at the Farmer’s Market – the 2nd Wed. of the month or special community events

We need help with transporting plants from the nursery to the downtown farmer’s market the 2nd Wednesday of each month … with setting up our booth and breaking it down. We also need help selling and promoting our plants and answering questions. Check our Calendar for schedule changes and closures.
For every 2 hours of volunteering you’ll receive one tree or plant of your choice!
Our On-Going Needs
Please get in touch with us if you would like to volunteer your time and/or expertise with any of the following:

  • Assisting our Seed Manager.
  • Printing.
  • Help at nursery on Sundays.
  • Lead nursery days (training & commitment required).
  • Opening and closing the greenhouse when the weather freezes.
  • Publicize events
  • Make calls
  • Plan potlucks/events i.e. cooking classes, movies etc.
  • Website development
  • Researching information about plants for our information pages. [br]


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