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Quailgrass (Celosia argentea) is not a true grass but instead belongs to the Amaranth family. Like other amaranths, quailgrass is quite nutritious and contains high levels of protein, vitamins A and C, and provides a good source of calcium and iron. The leaves are mild tasting and lack the bitter qualities typical in other Amaranths.  Plants reach an approximate height of four feet; their bright purple blooms are attractive in the garden and as a dried flower.

Soil & Water: Thrives in moist and fertile soil but will tolerate dry, poor soils.

Sun: Full sun.

Cold: Warm season annual; plant after last frost. May come back from seed after winter.

Pruning: Allow stalks to reach mature height for blooming. Pruning main stalk will promote branching.

Propagation: Harvest seeds in the fall and plant in spring or summer.

Pests: Relatively pest-free, though potentially susceptible to leaf curl and nematodes. Rogue all infected plants to reduce the spread of contamination.

Harvesting, storage, and preparation:  The leaves, young stems, and young flowers are all eaten. Seeds are edible as well. Large leaves from young plants are best. A short boiling period (about 5 minutes) may be needed to tenderize leaves and remove accumulated nitrates and oxalates.

More photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/search?sort=relevance&text=Celosia%20argentea

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