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Do NOT use your GPS to get to our nursery – it WILL lead you astray
Our nursery is at 2205 SE 23rd Place, Gainesville, FL 32641-1474 (on the property of Crazy Woman Farm).
It is in SE Gainesville 3 miles from UF.
It’s off the beaten track so be sure to only use these directions!

Please note: 23rd Place is only accessible from 15th street i.e. there are no short cuts!

Driving Directions – see also ‘signposts’ below!

IMPORTANT! Please drive slowly. Our hosts receive complaints from their neighbors if people drive too fast on the dirt road. This creates a dust hazard for the people & property we drive past, as well as endangering the animals and one small child who live in the area and might wander out into the road.

    • Go to the end of the paved road, and through the gate with all the no-trespassing signs (farms sign posted – see below)
    • Continue on the dirt road, take the right fork and then the curve to the left, follows signs.
    • If the gate is closed, please re-close it behind you.
    • Pass the fenced enclosures with chickens and sheep on the left and a raised house.
    • You’ll see the Edible Plant Project Nursery on the left.
    • Please park near the nursery. Don’t not park in front of Joni and Will’s house.

If you get lost please call Michael 561 236 2262.
Do NOT use your GPS to get to our nursery – it WILL lead you astray

Location and Parking Directions … Click to enlarge

Bike Directions: this is in beta – it’s a great start!

Bus Maps: the City Bus 2A doesn’t run on Sundays except ADA route, but it does come on other days. Click here for bus maps

Main gate sign
Main gate sign at end of 23rd PL
Junction at Siembra
Junction at Siembra, go right
Sign at property gate (Ellis residence)
Sign at property gate (Ellis residence)
Sign just before nursery
Sign just before nursery (house on your right)

13 comments to Directions

  • hello! wonderful! grace and courage. lovely nursery! hopefully i can come tomorrow to volunteer!?

  • Aaron Pigue

    I was so happy to see that something like this has come up in Gainesville. I have been studying permaculture and other forms of sustainable agriculture in New Zealand for the past year, and am greatly wanting to design a food forest eventually on the 8 acres I have to play with. I still have much to learn, particularly on the Melrose ecosystem, but was wondering if and when I can be of service to help, and learn at this place. I will not be fully available until the New Year, and will be trying to go to the Philippines as soon as possible to work on a forest garden there, but am greatly inspired to see what it is going on at this place. Thank for starting it up, and please send any pertinent info about work/volunteering.

  • Sharon Fraysse

    I have been looking for reasonably priced older fruit and nut trees to plant on my 2 1/2 acres. I have a greenhouse that needs repairs and I have been trying to start it to feed others as well as myself. I am on SSI and have little money. Any suggestions Glad to find you!

  • Sandra Imperatore

    where can I get seedlings for a moringa tree in s fla-thanks

  • terre

    check out st petersberg permaculture guild – they are always talking about moringa…

  • nan simms

    Hello, I live in Jacksonville and am trying to find some local elderberry plants to purchase. Have you any recommendations? thank you for your time.

  • I found this with a quick Google search: The Plant Place Nursery http://on.fb.me/1jhHOwR

  • Susannah

    Wow I just realized that I live only 1.6 miles from the nursery, In the neighborhood just past boulware springs. I’m fifteen and eat a mostly raw/fruitarian vegan diet. I love growing things but due to lack of sunlight am not able to have much of a garden in our yard, but I currently have about a dozen corn and two mango saplings that I sprouted from seeds, but I don’t know how well they will do long-term in this climate. I would definitely be interested in vollunteering or getting involved somehow!

  • we’d love to have you come help out in our nursery Susannah!

  • Laura Hughes

    I would like to volunteer on your farm on Sundays and Thursdays. I walk everywhere. How can I get to your farm from downtown Gainesville starting on Main Street?

  • Hey Laura – you can easily check this (click the map above/on this page)
    It looks like it’s a 2 hour walk from Main Street 🙁

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