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Leek and Potato Soup

I don’t think quantities matter that much when it comes to soups. I like making a recipe with different proportions each time. That way my soups are always a bit different and I am never bored.

Butter makes a difference to the taste in this soup – I mostly use unsalted to cook with as salted butter burns more easily and that changes the flavor. You can use a light oil – like sunflower if you would prefer.

Leeks or Young Garlic
Water or stock

Chop some onion and saute super gently in a bit of butter – do not brown as this will change the flavor.

Cut the tough, dark green tops off the leaks and discard.

Wash the white and pale/mid green parts of the leeks well.
Chop them and add them to the pan and stir.
Peel the potatoes, dice them and add them to the pan and stir.
Add water to cover and simmer gently for 20 minutes.
Cool and blend. You can hold back half the soup if you want it chunky rather than smooth.
Add salt to taste and enough milk to make it the consistency you like.
You can sprinkle chopped herbs or scallions on top when serving it.
Or some home-made, crispy, bacon bits or croutons.
Lots of freshly ground black pepper is also delicious in this soup but I’ve spent most of my adult life living with pepper haters who play the Princess and the Pea with single grains of pepper found in big bowls of soup so I got out of the habit of using it.

I made this soup recently with young garlic (whole bulbs) from Farmer John and it was out of this world.

If you add a ripe avocado when you are blending it you will be astonished by your final ‘product’ … it will turn a fabulous green and be creamier/silkier than any leek and potato soup you’ve ever tasted.

I sometimes make this soup with a selections of greens and herbs from my garden. Today I made it with a few cabbage leaves, some okinawa spinach, lots of india lettuce, arugula and fennel. And a ripe avocado. It was divine.

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