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Lamb’s Quarters

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Lamb’s Quarters (Chenopodium giganteum/album) are a common weed of agricultural fields, that are related to spinach. They come in purple, white, and in-between. They grow quickly during the spring and summer, providing nutritious leaves when cold weather greens are unavailable.

: Lambs’ Quarters prefer rich soil, which is why they are not found much in Florida outside of agricultural areas. Be careful with synthetic fertilizing, however, as this plant is prone to luxury absorption of nitrates if they are available in high concentrations, and that can make you sick. In the winter, rototill some manure and lime into the area they were growing, and they’ll pop up happily in the spring.  Seedlings can tolerate a mild frost.

Seeds: Under ideal conditions, they can grow to about ten feet before they go to seed and die. Individual plants flower and go to seed at different times.  We select our seeds to wait as long as possible so you can enjoy them longer.

Preparation: Lamb’s Quarters can be used raw in salads, sandwiches, and any place you might find lettuce or raw spinach. They can also be cooked, and are very good in stir-fries or mixed with beans, where they are said to inhibit the flatulence.

Navy Bean and Lamb’s Quarters Soup (recipe from the Eat Local Challenge Blog)
Lamb’s Quarters sauteed in olive oil
LambsQuarters lambquartersbeansmolakaya

More photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/search?sort=relevance&text=Chenopodium%20giganteum

3 comments to Lamb’s Quarters

  • Mitch Lyles

    When is the best time it harvest Lambs Quarters seeds? When they are still green or wait until they brown up? Don’t want to lose them if they open up and blow away.


  • Wait till they dry and start falling off. You’ll get plenty of them. They make millions of seeds.

  • Zoedonna Crews

    Could you please let me know when you expect to have more seeds in for sale
    Thank You Zoedonna

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