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India Lettuce

This lettuce (Lactuca indica) can be grown in the summer in our area, and can reach about a meter in height.

Plant in moist, well drained soil, in part shade.
It grows upwards on a stalk, but don’t worry, it’s not bolting.
When flower buds begin to appear, you can clip the head to trigger more vegetative growth.

Leaves should be harvested one by one from the bottom, like a collard green plant.
Eventually, you should allow the plant to go to seed so you can plant it again next year.

India lettuce is loaded with anti-oxidants. It can be eaten cooked or raw, added to soups and salads.

More photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/search?sort=relevance&text=Lactuca%20indica

pdf – India Lettuce Information Sheet (to print out)

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  • David Harlos

    I have been growing this for years. If you stake, it it will grow to over 3 meters tall. It seems to be the only heat-tolerant, leafy, summer, raw green that resembles winter lettuce. Plant this all year long. I’d say our best summer “lettuce” (if you are looking for “real” lettuce).
    David Harlos

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