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The fig (Ficus carica) is one of the easiest fruit trees to grow in our area. The trees are small and bushy, and do well in moist, rich, well drained soil. Our trees were propagated by cuttings from local trees that are growing and producing well.

The two diseases in figs are nematodes and rust. To combat nematodes:
1) do not plant in areas previously used for vegetable gardens.
2) Plant in a large hole filled with rotting organic matter and manures.
3) Maintain a 4-6 inch layer of mulch over the root zone. (Roots generally extend as far as the branches).

We are working on grafting edible figs onto nematode resistant rootstocks. To control rust, collect and remove the rusty leaves at the end of the growing season.

Your tree will appreciate if you feed it lightly every other month March through September with manures or a general garden fertilizer; and each winter prune out declining limbs and older non productive shoots to encourage new growth, and to keep short enough to pick. 
fig3 fig2fig4

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pdf – Fig Information Sheet
(to print out)

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  • I have been removing the leaves but the rust causes the plant to nearly defoliate so it won’t grow. Any ideas for home remedy, or something innocuous that is environmentally friendly?

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