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Please boycott any plant treated with bee-killing neonicotinoids!

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Thank you very much to all the groups that came out to volunteer at the EPP Last Sun the 26th. There were so many I lost track of what groups came out. I know the Ladys Softball team came out and helped a lot. If you came out in a group let me know the title of the group and accolades will of appreciation will follow. Thank you all so much!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hey guys, Tristan from Coffee Culture here. I think there's been a misunderstanding with the grounds bins. To be clear, coffee culture should only ever have 2 bins at time. We fill about a bin a day, so if you guys came every other day to pick up and switch out, then we'd be in business. Otherwise, we're going to have to discontinue this agreement. We do not have the capacity inside to store all these bins, and it looks unsightly in the drive thru. Thank you for understanding! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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This exciting event is coming up Sunday. We will be setting up the workshop at Joni Ellis patio. Also, if anyone is interested in volunteering or shopping at the monthly Sunday brunch workday there will be folks staying after the workshop to help out at the nursery as well. The speaker Katie Rogers is very excited and bringing a few folks with her that would love to help out also. You are welcome to bring drinks and refreshments. No charge for the workshop. If you'd like to make a donation, it will benefit sponsoring future events. ... See MoreSee Less

Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener and Sunday working brunch

March 26, 2017, 10:00am - March 26, 2017, 1:00pm

Are you tired of wimpy tomatoes and bland beans? Try making your own new varieties! The Edible Plant...

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Donate (Time, Materials, $$)

We are grateful for all the help we can get.
We need people, plants, things and money!
Plants and Seeds People, Things & Money
This is the list of plants we would like to acquire. If you know where to find or how to propagate any of the plants we seek please contact Michael
Perennial fruits and nuts
Avocado – Leaving avocados to Oliver, with Abundant Edible Landscaping
Banana – not a good choice for N. Fl. Have a few we’re not bothering to propagate. Can dig a sucker upon request.
Bael fruit – need some.
Blackberry (thornless) – got lots, more varieties in progress for future years.
Blueberry – have suckers from the farm, unknown varieties, they could be alice, becky, or climax. We are looking for sources for powderblue & brightwell
Capaulin Cherry – growing some to see if they do well here, they do not appear to.
Carissa – have a few saved for air layering, not sufficiently cold-tolerant
Chayote – very seasonal, only available December
Cherry of the Rio Grande – ran out due to multiple seed crop failures
Cherry (low chill bing) – trying to get some for testing
Chestnut – have a few Chickasaw plum – Cuttings not working well last few years.
Chinquapin – failed
Citrus – too heavily regulated
Dewberry – vines all grew together, abandoned
Elderberry – running low, need to collect seeds
Fig – have four varieties, more varieties in progress for fall 2010
Fig – on nematode resistant rootstock – grafts didn’t work well
Flatwoods plum – have a few
Grape (Muscadine) – cutting success is very low, we should have a few.
Pineapple Guava – in progress for summer or fall 2010 Huckleberry – have source identified, need to propagate Jujuba – got one, need to propagate Korean Bush Cherry – growing some to see if they do well here
Loquat – almost out, need to gather more seeds
Macadamia – thinking about it
Mayhaw – keep trying, can’t get seeds to germinate
Mulberry – four types, mostly one type, have lots
Nectarine – ran out
Olive – need some
Passion fruit – in progress for late spring/summer 2010
Pawpaw – need some
Peach – cuttings failed, will try again
Pear – cuttings died, grafts failed
Pecan – squirrel ate them all
Persimmon (asian) – need to graft our native seedlings
Persimmon (native) – avail upon request
Pigeon Pea – in progress for late spring/summer 2010
Plum (asian) – ran out, need to start more cuttings in June
Pomegranate – Have two varieties
Fruiting cactus – Having problems with plagues of scale on the new plants
Serviceberry – need a source of propagules. Please let us know if you have some.
Strawberry guava – got it
Sweet Olax (Ximenia americana) – I think they all died
Perennial vegetables
African blue basil – ran out, need to propagate more.
Arrowroot – in progress for late spring/summer 2010
Asparagus – Can’t get them healthy enough to harvest after years of trying.
Canna – got ugly some old ones, need to replant next crop
Chaya – in progress for late spring/summer 2010
Hibiscus (edible leaf) – hurt by freeze in winter, but coming back
Katuk – badly damaged in winter, not sure if they’re going to come back
Malanga/cocoyam – easily available at grocery stores
Morringa – in progress for late spring/summer
Okinawa spinach/lettuce – got it
Sochan – in progress for late spring/summer
Spiderwort – ran out, low priority for propagation, but sometimes they appear in pots where the intended occupant died
Sugar cane – got it
Sun choke/Jerusalem artichoke – got it
Edible-leaf Taro – growing some to see if they do well here
Thornless cactus – in progress for late spring/summer
Yacon – source plants had a bad year. May recover for future years
Yuca – got it
Tea or spice plants
Bay leaf – ran out
Caribbean oregano – may have all died last winter
Ginger, regular type – in progress for summer 2010
Ginger, Thai – got it Jamaican sorrel – in progress for late spring/summer 2010
Lemon grass – in progress for late spring/summer 2010
Lemon verbena – have a couple to propagate from
False Roselle/cranberry hibiscus – in progress for late spring/summer
Turmeric – in progress for summer 2010
Winged sumac – in progress
Fl water mint – got it
Goldenrod – got it
Annual seeds
Arugula – in progress for Fall 2010
Callaloo (white seed) – got it Callaloo (black seed) – got it
Chinese red lettuce – in progress for Fall 2010
Greasy collards – in progress for Fall 2010 India lettuce – got it
Lambs quarters – got it
Leaf lettuce (red and green) – in progress for Fall 2010
Pink banana squash – bought seeds for planting to increase
Quail grass – got it
Radishes (uncommon varieties) – in progress for Fall 2010
Seminole pumpkin – got it, possible cross with neck pumpkin
Mini Seminole pumpkin – bought seeds for planting to increase
Sungold cherry tomato – don’t have any
Pigeon Peas – got it
Florida speckled pole lima beans – got it
Wild onions – in progress for Fall 2010
Multiplying scallions – in progress for Fall 2010
Purple hull peas – got it

Last update 4/1/10


Please get in touch with Michael at if you would like to volunteer your time and/or expertise for any of the following:

:: Helping at our nursery
:: Leading nursery days (training & commitment required)
:: Printing
:: Publicizing events
:: Making calls
:: Assisting our Seed Manager
:: Planning or attending work parties
:: Opening and closing the greenhouse when the weather freezes
:: Planning potlucks

Please get in touch with us if you can supply any of the following, or know of a source:
:: Manure
:: Coffee grounds (used) – Starbucks & most places offer.
:: Pots (please ask first)
:: Perlite
:: Cuttings from good varieties
:: Seeds from good varieties

We are always grateful for donations – our costs are considerable and donations help us to grow!
If you would like to help but don’t have time to volunteer then please consider donating … the smallest of gifts is much appreciated. And tax deductible!

Thank you
for all your gifts!


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  • Camille


    I am interested in volunteering at the nursery at least once to give it a try.. I have a lot of experience gardening and just returned to Gainesville after a year abroad. I would love the help out with the sustainable food movement if and would love to learn more about your organization by actually attending a work day or training or event.


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