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Okinawa Spinach Tofu Wraps Appetizer

Submitted by Heather

I made these for a party last night and they were great. The purple of the leaves gave the appetizers an elegance they would not have had otherwise. Prep time is somewhat long, maybe 45 minutes, but the result is worth it.

Okinawa Spinach Tofu Wraps


30 Okinawa Spinach leaves 5 […]

Okinawa Spinach and Grits

Submitted by Campfire Dan

Okinawa Spinach (Gynura crepioides) is a decorative green and purple, tall, shade-loving ground cover with edible leaves.

My friends in Hawaii tell me it is renowned there along with its all green cousin as a cholesterol lowering food but I like it just because I believe that greens need to […]

Chinese Red Lettuce

This lettuce has been grown in the community garden at UF by people who brought it from Asia. It grows well in the winter and tolerates frost from a young age. To plant, sprinkle seeds densely in a small trench. The seedlings are ready to transplant when they have two leaves. Next, prepare the bed […]


Buy Callaloo Seeds

Callaloo (Amaranthus cruentus sp.) is usually regarded as an unwelcome weed in western agriculture, but it is a fantastically nutritious vegetable, appreciated most other places it grows. Amaranths are relatives of spinach and have a similar flavor. They use the C-4 metabolic pathway, which enables explosive growth under good conditions, growing up […]


This herbaceous annual is native to the Mediterranean region. Arugula (Eruca sativa) has been cultivated since Roman times and is considered an aphrodisiac. The leaves are rich in vitamin C and iron. Arugula hosts certain species of butterfly, including Garden Carpet.

Soil: Tolerates dry, poor soils. For optimum harvest, plant in well-composted, […]


Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) is a small, attractive, shade-loving plant that produces an edible tuber. The white, bract covered tubers grow as long as a medium size sweet potato, but are much more narrow. Dig up the tubers in the winter when the plant has gone dormant. Store them in a cool dry place until use. […]

Mashed Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato

Recipe submitted by Campfire Dan

The Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato has a lovely purple flesh just full of those same antioxidants you find in blueberries. Freshly cut it is a light bluish-rose with white streaks. It darkens as it cooks to a deep purple. The flavor is delicately sweet with none of the […]

Pindo (Butia) Palm Sorbets

Recipe submitted by Miranda

The Butia Capitata Palm – also know as the Pindo or Jelly Palm – grows all over Gainesville and is fruiting now (July!) Trees bear several large bracts of fruit which produce 3-5 lbs of fruit each. Refreshingly tart and sweet all at the same time – the Pindo Palm fruit […]

Stir Fry India Lettuce (vegetarian)

Recipe submitted by Campfire Dan

I grew India Lettuce for about a year before I figured this one out. India Lettuce (Lactuca indica) is a powerhouse full of antioxidants including lots of quercetin which is a high-priced health food store supplement. So I had some reason to find out a good way to prepare it. […]

Flatwoods plum

The Flatwoods or Hog Plum (Prunus umbellata) is small Florida native – a shrubby tree with beautifully crooked growth habits. It is covered in white blooms in the spring. Its fruits are a bit larger than a cooked garbanzo bean, and sour, sometimes bitter. Our plants are seedlings of one of the best tasting trees […]