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Sour Sweet Potato Cream Pie

I used to call this Fermented Sweet Potato Cheese Cake – but a friend told me it tastes a lot like key lime pie and since it does have more of a key lime pie custardy texture I’ve changed the name. The surpising thing about this recipe is it does not taste at all like […]

Elderflower Champagne

Here is the simplest and best recipe for Elderflower champagne


8 elder flower heads 2 or 3 organic lemons 1 gallon clean water 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 1 pound white sugar 1 gallon glass or crock 4 glass bottles with metal fastener tops

Remove any green leaves and cut off as much of […]


The Moringa oleifera (Drumstick or Horseradish Tree) is a beautiful, fast growing tree (up to 15 feet in a year) with a shady, leaf canopy of very attractive ferny foliage. Small, waxy, creamy-white flowers, resembling miniature orchids, form in clusters, followed by 8-12 inches long round pods that look like drumsticks, hence one of the […]

Florida Water Mint

Florida Water Mint (Micromeria brownii) is a native mint that grows in sunny wet areas. A common place to find it is in a roadside ditch.

It may be covered by grasses in the summer, but being frost tolerant, it out-competes them in the winter. It grows faster when fertilized.

Information Sheet to […]

Okinawa spinach

This attractive perennial green leafy vegetable (Gynura bicolor) has half purple, half dark green leaves that make a delicious addition to salads. It can be cooked like spinach – but don’t overcook it as it can become unpleasantly slimy. Gently steamed or stir fried is best!

It propagates well from cuttings: you must take the […]

Pindo Palm, Wine Palm, Jelly Palm (Butia capitata)

The Pindo Palm (Butia capitata a.k.a. Wine or Jelly Palm) is propagated from seed and generally reaches 12-15 feet in height. Grown in full sun to partial shade, this perennial produces bright magenta flowers in the late spring and early summer. It is quite cold-hardy and can handle temperatures in the teens with no […]


Pomegranates (Punica granatum) are native to Central Asia. Pomegranate (from the Latin “seeded apple”) is a small tree or shrub with attractive spring flowers. It is grown across the Middle East, in tropical Africa, and the drier parts of California.

The fruit of the pomegranate, actually a berry, naturally compartmentalizes into small bits […]


Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa) a.k.a. Jamaican Sorrel or Flor de Jamaica is a fast growing annual hibiscus whose calyxes are used to make a delicious tea that is popular in the Caribbean and other tropical areas. It grows to about six feet tall. The plant is high in calcium, and the calyxes are high in vitamin […]

Amaranth Flour Pancakes

Submitted by Denise

by Tony from Sydney

Amaranth (Amaranthus sp. — Family Amaranthaceae) is a broadleaf plant that develops brilliantly colored grain heads producing thousands of tiny seeds. The seeds are tiny (1/32″), lens shaped, and are a golden to creamy tan color, sprinkled with some occasional dark colored seeds. It is once of […]

Okinawa Spinach with Rice & Mango

This is a delicious fast meal when you have some cooked brown rice in the fridge!

Chop 1-3 cloves of garlic (more or less according to your taste) Chop a big handful of washed okinawa spinach Chop some parsley or garlic chives (whatever herbs you have growing!)

Saute the garlic in little olive […]