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I'm hoping to get up to the EEP sometime in the next week or two to pick up some plants for myself and would be happy to bring a load down to my place in Reddick if anyone further south has a wish list. I can keep them watered for a week or so until you are able to get up to pick them up. We did this a couple of weeks ago and it worked out well! Let me know if anyone is interested! ... See MoreSee Less

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We've been adding new members just about every day! GO US!
If by accident some 'clunkers' got past us, please tell us as soon as you notice.
We don't want spammers, sunglass sales sites, and ishy people.
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Anybody already growing the Cuban Oregano?
I've tried to find out elsewhere in the info is sorta vague.

I'm fixin to plant mine and I'd like to know if it spreads 'aggressively' in the garden. I've got several areas to choose from and want to do that whole "Right Plant - Right Place" thing.
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Mornin' All - You may have noticed that there are some exciting things happening with our Edible Plant Project!

As we slowly figure out what's needed and in what order, and what all else -- several EPP members have stepped up to share in the hard work of maintaining and growing the “Project”, and are now Administrators of our main EPP page.

David Jetherit Hall – General Manager and “Mini-Michael A”
Tia Tyler – Coordinator of the Seed Program, Assistant Manager
Audra Tyler – Coordinator of the NEW home based Edible Propagation Project (more on that later)

Say Hey Howdy, Welcome & Huzzah!
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As Joni Ellis (with help from a whole bunch of people) continues the work of getting the EPP 'sorted' out. Please keep in mind that most of us are just now learning how best to make the EPP fun, delicious, resilient & profitable.

However you can help with that, whatever your time allows, come join us. On a Sunday, a Market Day, a "Meet You Half Way" delivery, or on your very own, your work is welcome, appreciated, and needed.

See you next week at the August 28th Sunday "Working" Brunch!
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Caribbean Oregano

Caribbean Oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus) may be grown in your vegetable or herb garden or as a potted specimen. The leaves of this succulent herb are fleshy and strongly aromatic. Leaves are often used Caribbean cooking and also as a substitute for sage. The leaves are used medicinally in India as a cure for coughs.

Soil and Water: No special soil requirements are known. Average water needs – do not over water.
Sun: Part sun to shade.
Cold: Will be killed by frost.
Pruning: Pruning will promote branching and can rejuvenate an old lanky plant.
Propagation: Roots easily from cuttings placed in soil.
Pests: None are known.

Harvesting, storage, and preparation: Young leaves have a milder flavor. Using too many leaves could overwhelm the flavor of a dish; when used in moderation the taste pleasant and similar to sage. The flavor is very amenable to beans. The leaves can be used fresh and chopped finely or dried for storage and crumbled. Drying the leaves can take quite a while, especially if they are left attached to the stem.

Caribbean OreganoFlowering Oregano
More photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/search?sort=relevance&text=Plectranthus%20amboinicus

pdf – Caribbean Oregano Information Sheet(to print out)

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