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Sunday OPEN to PUBLIC at 10 am.
Looking forward to UF Circle K International volunteering at EPP.
I know our Grow Gainesville! members are pretty busy with:
🏡️ SEWP Kickoff this πŸ”œ Thursday
🏡️ SEWP Courtyard Makeover at Working Food! πŸ”œ Saturday
🏡️ Post Irma Re-Cap Food & Resiliency meeting OCT 1 Sunday
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UF CKI Edible Plants Work Day

September 24, 2017, 10:00am - September 24, 2017, 2:00pm

Thank you UF Circle K International "Tasks include: weeding, mulching, up potting plants, sweeping,...

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Free yummy Opuntia pads and plants at Forage & Working Food
thanks to Gabriela Waschewsky

Gabriella when you get a chance will you post your recipe for the fermented non-prickly pear dish from 3rdMonday Meeting Fall & Winter Seed Dispersal 3 of 3? I was so glad I tried it.

*One of these days I'll know how many EPP members are GG group members
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Free opuntia pads at the Working Food Community Center. Come and get em anytime. You don't even nee...

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This is our second annual NON- WORK SEWP. We are kicking off the season with a potluck & plant /seed swap. If you are new to the Sweat Equity Work Party Group or have questions as to how it all works this is the party for you. All of your questions will be answered. Come join us and meet or reunite with your fellow SEWPers. ... See MoreSee Less

SEWP Kickoff

September 21, 2017, 6:00pm - September 21, 2017, 8:00pm

Sweat Equity (non)Work PARTY POTLUCK & PLANT/SEED SWAP Summer’s Over - Back to Work 2017 Season Ki...

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Thank you to all that came. A special thanks to:
🌟 Lydia Fortier Gluten-free lactose-free Mac & Cheese, and sweet tea lemonade
🌟 Cydney Robbins Local Just picked purple yardlong beans side
🌟 Gabriela Waschewsky Local Fermented non-pickly pear (Opuntia)
🌟 Faith CarrLocal free-range hard boiled eggs
🌟 Angela Minno Local Just milked from cow milk
🌟 @Alex Funk Sweet apples & cheese platter
🌟 Aunt Maggi Local just picked starfruit
🌟 Melissa DeSa Pickled Heirloom watermelon rinds regular & tangy from SC.
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Thank you to all that came. A special thanks to: 🌟 Lydia Fortier Gluten-free lactose-free Mac & C...

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  • Pamela Mara

    We have benefitted from purchasing a number of your plants at the FFF in White Springs. We live in Florida, 40 miles NNE of Tallahasse, and 2 miles from Georgia State Line. I have been surprised by the vigorous growth rate of everything we have planted from Mulberries and Seminole Pumpkins to Yucca and blackberries. Thank you. Our Yucca was 5ft when Fay came through and broke a few a few pieces off, which, when I stuck them in the ground became viablee plants within a week!

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