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Thanks for taking yellow guavas, oregano, and African potato mint home. There are plenty of yellow guavas and one African potato mint left.

🌟Michael Adler ➡ yellow guava seeds ➡ Joni Ellis and EPP volunteers ➡ good homes
🌟 Timothy Noyes ➡African potato mint ➡ me ➡ EPP ➡ Audra Tyler ➡ big African potato mint ➡ good homes
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"Parking Lot Conversations" 3rd Monday Meeting

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We won't be at 2nd Wed till we get more volunteers. Alternatives are Nov 20 Monday Meeting 7pm, 18th Nov Saturday Gainesville Area Barter Group Market 9:30 am, and 26th Sunday 10 am at EPP.

Photo: Yellow Guavas which are hardy tropical trees for Gainesville area. We have hundreds at EPP.
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11/17 The EPP Orchard at Sunset.
Cuttings and Propgation workshops, coming in spring 2018
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Carolina Madera updated the group photo in Edible Plant Project (.org). ... See MoreSee Less

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Please note that this calendar automatically posts repeating events.  It may sometimes be inaccurate. 
For accurate updates on our events, please join our yahoo group (for regular email updates) or our facebook group.

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  • Pamela Mara

    We have benefitted from purchasing a number of your plants at the FFF in White Springs. We live in Florida, 40 miles NNE of Tallahasse, and 2 miles from Georgia State Line. I have been surprised by the vigorous growth rate of everything we have planted from Mulberries and Seminole Pumpkins to Yucca and blackberries. Thank you. Our Yucca was 5ft when Fay came through and broke a few a few pieces off, which, when I stuck them in the ground became viablee plants within a week!

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