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African Potato Mint
Also known as Kaffir Potato. This mint relative is grown for its potato-like tuber. These tubers can get very large, up to 4 lbs., are very high in protein, carbohydrate, iron and calcium. A so called “lost crop” of Africa that in fact is of immense value today! Thrives in hot and fairly dry conditions. Requires 6 months of warm to hot growing conditions to yield mature tubers.

Three OMRI #Organic plants will be available for drawing at tomorrow's event (will tag event when on computer). Original plant was from Timothy Noyes. Sharing the plant and will keep propagating it for EPP. Laura Halmuth this was the plant I brought for your SEWParty.
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TOMORROW NIGHT - Come on out and check out our NEW Home Propagation Project plants and 'Foster Parents'
Buy some plants - Sweet & Savory Sellabration
April 27th 5:00pm
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2017 Plant Sale & Spring Celebration

April 27, 2017, 5:00pm - April 27, 2017, 7:00pm

Come join us for the official kick off of the 2017 Spring season. Meet our very own Home Propagatio...

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I have an announcement to make--after waiting ALL winter. We finally have some peach seeds that germinated from last year's crop. This is a first! I have gotten everything else to germinate over the years but the peaches. Finally-success! ... See MoreSee Less

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2nd Wed Edible Plants Farmer's Market

April 12, 2017, 4:00pm - April 12, 2017, 7:00pm

"The EPP is taking the show on the road – As Usual! Jacquilne & Enio will be there from 4:00 unti...

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EPP & Healing Arts

April 29, 2017, 9:00am - April 29, 2017, 12:00pm

The Edible Plant Project presents The EPP Road Show Find Tad DeGroat at the Healing Arts Festival At...

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The Edible Plant Project is a volunteer-based, 501c3 nonprofit organization working to promote edible landscaping and local food abundance in North Central Florida. The goal of the EPP is to create positive alternatives to the unsustainable food system in this country. We maintain a nursery for hardy native and exotic vegetables, teas, fruit and nut trees, and a seed bank, and we share these with the community through work trade, barter, or adoption. Our plants are well suited for this gardening zone and easy to care for.

A special focus of EPP is tree crops and various well adapted or native perennials (and some annuals) including various berries, fig, feijoa, loquat, pear, pecan, and persimmon trees and more. They make heavy crops of delicious fruit and nuts every year. These wonders of nature need to be planted only once, and they yield abundantly for decades, often with little or no care. Anyone who has ever stood under a tree loaded with fruit, gorging themselves on the crop, can appreciate the freely given abundance.

Think globally, act locally. Plant a fruit tree today! Grow and harvest local food to help make Gainesville a beautiful, sustainable place to live.
Adopt a tree: Visit our booth at the Gainesville Downtown Farmer’s Market the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 3:00-7:00 pm. 111 E. University Avenue http://www.unionstreetfarmersmkt.com

Learn more about us by joining our email list.
Learn about growing edible plants and trees by volunteering at our nursery on Sundays.

This powerpoint was created by Pavel in about 2005 so some of the facts are now a bit out of date (our nursery is no longer at the Blueberry Farm for example) but much of it is still relevant. Enjoy!

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  • I would like to know all edible plants, trees, and even weeds in this area. I have 5 acres I have just planted 2 pecan trees and have 2 yr old blueberries with fruit now. This is an excellent plan and one day I hope to be self sufficient as far as eating. Over the years I hope you can help me and likewise. Wanda

  • matthew

    hello, finally i found the resource i’ve been so urgently looking around for… we have an 8 acre farm plot in alachua that we’ve already started an organic market garden on but it’s really our dream to do a permaculture garden… your site has just the plants i’ve been looking for… if you can let me know how i can purchase some seeds or plants from you that would be very helpful… looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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